Best Wedding Photos Tips


 Whether you are having a family friend do your wedding photography, or a professional, here are my top ten tips for you to remember on the big day, to help you and your photographer to achieve the best wedding photos possible of the key moments throughout your wedding day!

1. When you are getting ready in the morning, try to do so in a tidy room with plenty of natural window light. Have your dress unwrapped and hanging up ready for your photographer to take a photograph of it, if you would like.


2. As you are walking up the aisle towards your groom, try to make sure you leave plenty of space between your bridesmaids and yourself, so that your photographer can get a clear shot of you. Try to remember to walk slowly and look up, if you can.


3. When you are exchanging rings, try to remember to turn to face each other fully. If your photographer has to stand down at the bottom of the aisle, they will be able to get a better shot of the rings if you fully turn your bodies to face each other.


4. The first kiss will be easier for your photographer to catch if you can hold it there for a few moments, rather than just doing a swift peck. Keep it decent though, hehe!


5. As you walk down the aisle as husband and wife, take your time, look up, and enjoy all the smiling faces of your family and friends! If you are having confetti, it usually works better for your pictures if this can be organised to be thrown all together.


6. Allow plenty of time for your drinks reception after your ceremony, before you sit down for your wedding breakfast. This is a really great time for lots of natural candid shots, as you mingle with your guests, chatting and hugging. I usually recommend at least an hour and a half for your reception, to allow you to spend time with everyone, and to allow your photographer to get all the shots they need. Believe me, the time will really fly!


7. If you are having group photographs, have a (short) pre-prepared list, and nominate a couple of helpful people who know your families, so that they can quickly and efficiently gather the people that are required, and avoid waiting around.


8. If you go off for some couple photographs together, try not to worry about the camera – just be yourselves and enjoy the opportunity to spend some time together away from your guests, in your wedding bubble!


9. When the speeches start, try to remember to remove anything on the top table in front of you that may obscure your face, such as candelabras, table name etc. This will give your photographer a clear shot of your laughter / embarrassment!


10. If you are having a first dance, try to spend at least a couple of minutes dancing together before you call all your guests onto the dancefloor, as it’s so lovely to get some shots of you by yourselves.


I hope you have found these quick tips helpful! Hopefully they will help you to get the best wedding photos.  I hope you have an amazing wedding day!

Gemma Williams is an award winning Wedding Photographer based in Hereford, Herefordshire in the West Midlands. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and you think I might be the one for you, please do get in touch!