Is your wedding day approaching with speed? It’s an exciting time, but sometimes it can also be a bit stressful! I’m here to help you make sure that the stress keeps far away on the day itself, with my ten top tips…

You’ll no doubt have been planning your wedding for months and months, so when the day itself actually arrives, you want everything to go smoothly, so that you can enjoy it with no worries at all! As a wedding photographer, I have seen over 300 weddings now, so I have lots of experience of different weddings from all ranges of the ‘stress scale’ – from chaos to chilled out bliss! I also got married myself a few years ago, so I could take my own advice! Here are my key ideas for what you can do to ensure that your own wedding day is wonderfully stress-free….

  1. Keep It Simple.

Don’t try to cram too much into your big day. The more you try to squeeze in, such as manicures and salon trips in the morning, multiple ceremony and reception locations, long journeys and jam-packed schedules, the more that has the potential to overrun, get delayed or cause you stress. Keeping your morning and afternoon plans simple, without too much travelling required between locations, is the way to go (having everything happen in one venue location is the most stress-free). That way, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the fizz with your loved ones, and take in your amazing day!

Stress Free Wedding

2. Visualise Everything Beforehand.

When my husband and I got married, we spent ages in the run-up to the wedding just sitting and visualising the whole day together from beginning to end, talking through exactly how everything was going to go (in different weather scenarios etc). We went into exacting detail, and this meant that we were able to have a well-developed plan before the big day, knowing precisely how everything would happen, what we needed to remember, and who was doing what, where, when. Pre-visualisation is so important to do together (along with any other people who have key roles to play on the day such as parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen) to make sure that everything runs like clockwork and nothing is forgotten. Our day was completely stress-free as a result!

3. Let Go of Control.

This was probably the thing I found hardest when I got married, but it’s definitely the thing I would try to do better if I could do it all again! There comes a point where you just have to let go of control. What will happen, will happen – you have done all you can. Switch your brain from ‘control’ / ‘stress’ / ‘worry’ to simply ‘enjoy’. The sooner you can do this on your wedding day, the better. Don’t have any last minute things that still need your attention when you should be relaxing on your wedding morning. Make sure everything is finished / ready and sorted before the wedding day. If there are things still to do – delegate – and let go of control. If little things do go wrong, don’t worry about it – in the end, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting married to the one you love. You can’t have control over everything on your wedding day – you just have to switch over into ‘enjoy’ mode and make sure you have the best time!

4. Professional Pampering.

I would highly recommend that you consider having a professional do your hair and makeup on the wedding morning, and I would recommend that they do this at your home (or the venue where you are getting ready) rather than you having to make stressful trips to the salon (see point 1 above). You may think that you are confident enough to do your own makeup on the wedding morning, but so often, I see nerves getting the better of a once-steady eyeliner application. Before you know it, you have to start all over again and then you’re running late. Having hair & makeup professionals pampering you and your bridesmaids is a wonderful treat, and you know that your hair and makeup will turn out perfect, with no stressing on your part!

5. Plan To Be Ready Early.

I can’t highlight this one enough. Plan to be ready at least an hour before you need to be leaving for your ceremony. Seriously. That time will vanish! It’s really important to leave a good time buffer so that if there are any delays during the morning, you don’t need to panic. The last part of the getting ready always flies by, and if you haven’t allowed enough time you will be stressing when it comes to fumbling with uncooperative dress buttons (I would even recommend a trial run of putting on the dress before the day, so that you all know what to do without time pressure and to ensure labels are already removed etc). It’s really nice to feel relaxed and calm when you have finished getting ready, with plenty of time left to enjoy a toast with your bridesmaids and parents before you head off to get married. Make sure that your hair & makeup professionals, your parents and bridesmaids all know the schedule for the wedding morning too, so you’re not waiting around for other people.

6. Hire Excellent Suppliers.

A big weight off your mind on the wedding day will be having suppliers who know what they are doing and who do their job well. It’s really important to hire reputable people who come highly recommended, because then they won’t let you down and stress you out on the day. Get the very best that you can afford, particularly when it comes to catering and photography. You may even like to hire an on-the-day wedding stylist or a wedding coordinator to do everything for you that needs to be done.

7. Forget the Weather.

Plan for any weather conditions (do point 2 above), and then forget about it. The weather will be what it will be – no amount of worrying about it will change that. Make sure you have umbrellas, wellies, blankets, sunscreen, fans and chilled water, and then just go with it! As long as there are both indoor and outdoor options on the day, everything will be fine. Rainy wedding photos can be fun!

8. Get your Dress Dirty.

Everyone feels differently about this, but I would recommend that you accept that your wedding dress (and shoes) will get dirty, and that this fact is absolutely okay. Don’t let your fears about dirtying your dress/shoes stop you from having a completely amazing time on your wedding day and doing what you want to do: run across the grass to hug your nan and grandad; go for a romantic wander around your venue’s grounds with your new hubby (and get lovely photos too!); dance like crazy on the drink-soaked dancefloor. If your dress and heels get muddy it isn’t the end of the world (plastic heel stoppers can help a bit) – you’re probably only going to wear your wedding dress for one day anyway, and things can always be cleaned. Enjoy yourself!

9. Have a Strong Team.

Your best people for keeping your stress at bay on your wedding day are your best man, ushers, and bridesmaids. They need to be the ones who are in control, who know what’s happening next, who know exactly what you might need at any given moment. The ushers should be briefed in advance about any organisation required at the church and in the reception afterwards (their efficiency will make your group photos a breeze – to keep things really stress free, keep the group photos to an absolute minimum). Your bridesmaids should be armed with lipstick, mirror, spare hairpins, tissues, phone, water, glass of prosecco, etc and should be ready to leap into action whenever you need them. This will keep you totally chilled out as you won’t be stressing about needing a makeup check or a drink. They are your team bride and groom!

10. Enjoy the Day Together!

Remember that today is about you and your other half getting married! Don’t worry about anything or anyone else! Make sure that you spend lots of time with your new husband/wife and enjoy taking in this incredible day together. Congratulations!

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