Hello! Here’s a little guide to let you know in a bit more detail how I will photograph your wedding day. Hopefully this post will let you know what to expect if you choose me to be your wedding photographer, and will help you to see if my approach makes me a good fit for your wedding. It’s really important that you love my style so that you love your pictures!

Wedding Photographer

I’ve been photographing weddings for over ten years now – that’s over 350 weddings! My photography style is very natural – I prefer to capture images where people are enjoying themselves and events are unfolding without any direction or intervention from me. You can call this reportage, photojournalism, documentary, candid photography etc, but basically it just means that I like to capture things naturally as they really happen. Sometimes I may make a slight suggestion or direction if I can see that it would be helpful, but most of the time I aim to be invisible and unnoticed if at all possible! That way, the best photographs can happen, and you get a true collection of real memories from your wedding day.

I love my images to be light, bright, and happy (fun, laughter and hugs being a key component!).

I specialise in part day or half day wedding photography coverage - this is because when I married my husband I found it really difficult to find an amazing wedding photographer who was happy to do just a part day option (we only had a small ‘afternoon tea party’ wedding for a couple of hours!). So now I am really happy to offer lots of different options for part day and longer day coverage, whether you are having a small wedding or having a full wedding but only want a photographer there for part of the day - I love to capture a story with whatever amount of time you would like photography coverage for. I’m also very happy to offer help and advice with planning your wedding day timeline if you would like, and I have written another blog post on this topic.

However long you’d like me to be there, I love to shoot everything about your wedding day, from scene setting shots around your venue, to your guests having a great time, to all the little details you have thought about so carefully, to the two of you getting married of course, and everyone enjoying the celebrations. I love to capture the atmosphere and all the people around you in the setting of your venue, in a simple and non-intrusive way. I am a solo shooter so that I can blend into the background as much as possible (more photographers will become more noticeable to you and your guests). I run about all over the place though (in “stealth mode”, said bride Emma) so that I can make sure I capture everything that’s happening!

I’m not one for gimmicks or fads, I just like things to be real. I won’t be asking you to spend ages setting up with a fancy lighting system or a dramatic smoke and mirrors scene, I don’t use a drone and I don’t want to take you away from your guests for hours. I like to use natural light (or candle light, or sparkler light, or festoon lighting light!) (and occasionally the subtle use of flash where required) and I want to shoot what happened on your wedding day, without having a big impact on those events myself. The events of your wedding day are big enough and real enough! I want my images to help you re-live the best memories for the rest of your lives.

I do love taking you off for some photos together, but only for as long as you want to spend – it’s often a nice break for you two to chat together away from all your guests! For this part of the photography, I really love it when you two just ‘be’ together, however you want to be, so I can capture the real you. I don’t want fake smiles here, I want your real happy smiles at each other – your ‘we just got married!!!’ smiles – that’s what I want you to look back on in your wedding photos for the rest of your lives. You can hug or laugh or be silly or romantic, whatever you want, as long as it’s you. I will help you if you want me to, with ideas for how to stand or what to do with your hands! We’ll do one or two of the more traditional ‘standing and looking at the camera’ type wedding poses as the relatives will love these on the mantelpiece, but a lot of the time we’ll just keep it as natural as possible. If you feel like you’d benefit from a practice run of this before the wedding, we can do a pre-wedding engagement shoot if you wish. It really helps for the big day!

I’m definitely a very quiet and calm wedding photographer – I don’t shout or boss anyone around! For this reason, if you would like to have formal ‘group photographs’, I will ask you to enlist your ushers/bridesmaids or helpers to do all the fetching and organising of the people you require in your group photos. It’s their responsibility to make sure everyone is in place! I like to limit the group photos time to a maximum of 20 minutes if possible – this is about 7 group arrangements if everyone is ready for action. I have a short list of suggested groups that you can use if you like to make it really easy & efficient. Then you can all get on with the celebrating and I will get more of the natural candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves! Again, I just keep the group photos simple, no elaborate arrangements or hours spent setting up different poses, just a lovely backdrop and a bit of natural laughter. Similarly, because of the time it takes away from your celebrations, I don’t do a big group ‘everyone’ photo, as I would prefer to capture everyone naturally throughout the wedding day. I don’t go up to people and ask to take their picture, but I do love it if people ask me to take their picture, so if you want some informal group shots with your friends, just call me over during the reception when you’re all chatting together and I will take a picture for you! I’m there to take pictures for you and for everyone. If something fun is happening, I will be photographing it!

After the wedding I will edit all your individual images myself by hand, and I will make sure they are all looking beautiful. I don’t ‘photoshop’ your images, as I prefer things to be as natural as possible, but I do make sure all the colours and exposures are perfectly balanced, and that all your images are bright and clean with my signature style look.

A note on not liking having your photo taken: most of my couples say that they don’t like having their photo taken, and ask if this will be a problem – no it’s not a problem at all, please don’t be worried! The great thing about my photography style is that most of the time you won’t even realise I am there, so you don’t need to be worrying about the camera at all. Because I mostly capture everything naturally, I just want you (and everyone else) to enjoy themselves and have an amazing wedding day. Even when we do your couple photos together, there’s still no need to worry – I keep it very relaxed, friendly and informal so you don’t need to feel awkward in uncomfortable or cheesy wedding poses. I really want you to just enjoy the day and for the photos to be absolutely painless! Hopefully these words of feedback will reassure you –

Wow! We are absolutely blown away by the way you captured every emotion and all of the special moments throughout the day. It all went so quickly, but you have triggered so many memories and we feel like we have relived the day all over again! It was an absolute pleasure having you with us for our day and we are so grateful for the lifelong memories you have captured for us. You are so calming, gentle and your lovely nature made us both feel so relaxed. Your discreet and natural style is what encouraged us to book with you in the first place, and now seeing the end result we are absolutely delighted. Thank you again for everything.

So hopefully this post has given you a bit more insight into how I will photograph your wedding day! If you would like to see more of my recent images, you can take a look at my 2018 Wedding Highlights post. You can also see more pictures and information on my Wedding Portfolio page.

If you would like to find out more about having me as your wedding photographer, please do contact me for my brochure! I’d love to hear more about your exciting wedding plans. Best wishes x