Part Day Wedding Photography

Part Day Wedding Photography

Laura & Roland were married in June at one of Worcestershire’s most beautiful wedding venues – Birtsmorton Court. The medieval manor house was looking resplendent in the sunshine, with lilies flowering on the moat. The White Garden was at it’s absolute finest, with all the white blooms ready to welcome mingling guests. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that Birtsmorton Court is one of my absolute favourite venues, so it was a real pleasure to be here again.


I love to offer Part Day Wedding Photography options, so that you can choose the level of photography coverage you need, from just the ceremony, to including the reception, the dancing etc, whatever you want! Laura & Roland had me photograph the ceremony through to the wedding breakfast and speeches. If you would like to find out more about my part day / half day photography coverage or shorter day / smaller wedding options, please do contact me for my brochure!


Laura arrived in style in a vintage car. Her wedding dress was, I think, my most-loved of the year, being a pink floral wedding dress – the Sassi Holford ‘Marilyn’ gown, with gorgeous rose-patterned fabric beneath a delicate organza overlay. (I would like to wear that dress every day!). Her flowers and every other detail were all designed to co-ordinate with the rose theme, with roses in her bouquet, on the table stationery, and even hand-painted around their wedding cake. It was a theme that I absolutely loved, being a good match for my own branding too! After a beautiful ceremony in the flower-filled church at Birtsmorton, guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the sunny grounds, entertained by vintage singers. They then moved into the prettily-decorated Garden Room for speeches, food and festivities. Thank you to Laura & Roland for having me there for part of your wonderful wedding day – it was a joy! Huge congratulations to you both, and here are a few favourites… x

There we have it! An absolutely beautiful wedding day. This is how I could capture your wedding story too, with part day coverage! If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch.

The Haybarn Wedding Photography

Haybarn Wedding Photography

Haybarn Herefordshire Wedding Venue

Rhainnon & Huw were married in May and had one of my favourite wedding days ever! I loved so much about their day, from Rhiannon’s beautiful dress (look at that veil!), to the gorgeous flowers by Issy & Bella, and all the special personal touches that they put into their day to make it totally ‘them’ (rowing oars and bicycle wheels to mention but two!). It was made even more exciting because, after their marriage in Kentchurch Church, they held their celebrations at a new wedding venue, The Haybarn at Dulas, Herefordshire, which just happens to be the home of Rhiannon’s best school buddy, so she grew up playing there as a child! The dream team was completed by Nicola Harrison making everyone look fabulous and A to Zest making sure everyone was well fed. It was all absolutely perfect. Oh, and there was a donkey. And two VW campers. And a giant Cheese Cake. And the world’s greatest magician. AMAZING DAY! I could ramble on so much more about it but I think I will just let the pictures speak now! By the way, if you are looking for a barn venue in Herefordshire then you should definitely take a look at The Haybarn - it is a great space in a lovely setting! Massive thanks to Rhiannon & Huw for having me there to photograph all the fun - it was an absolute joy. Congratulations and best wishes you two! x

Haybarn Wedding
Haybarn Wedding

I think you have to agree that was a fabulous wedding day! If you are thinking of getting married at The Haybarn, or any other barn venue in Herefordshire, please do take a look at my website and get in touch! I love to capture natural, fun photos amidst rural countryside backdrops, so this kind of wedding is right up my street! I’d love to hear more about your exciting wedding plans x

P.S. If you recognise one of Rhiannon’s bridesmaids from my blog then you have spotted that I photographed Sarah’s wedding to Tom about 4 years ago! They got married at Broadfield Court and you can revisit their wedding on the blog here. It was lovely to see them again and also to meet their new little person!

Lemore Manor Wedding Photography

Lemore Manor Wedding Photography

Harriet & Adam celebrated their wonderful spring wedding day in April at the lovely Lemore Manor in Herefordshire. Beautiful bride Harriet got ready with her bridesmaids in the Hen House near to the manor, and then they had their ceremony in the airy 19th Century Coach House. The floral circle that made their ceremony backdrop was totally magical. They held their Wedding Breakfast in the amazing newly-built Orangery, and their elegant decorations suited the contemporary space perfectly. I loved the brass terrariums filled with succulents and roses! Their sage green colour theme was also right up my street. The flowers by Issy & Bella were completely stunning as ever, with styling by Couture Events. Hair was by Phillipa Torrence and makeup by Emma Haines Holistic Beauty. Huge thanks to Harriet & Adam for having me with them to celebrate their special day - it was an absolute pleasure! In the gallery below you will find a few of my favourite pics. I hope you will enjoy this Lemore Manor wedding as much as I did!

Here’s what they said when they saw their photographs:

Thank you so much for our incredible Wedding photographs!!

It was lovely to meet you in person on our big day. Thank you for being so relaxed and helping us feel completely comfortable having our picture taken (something we are not normally very used to!). You were so helpful with your gentle directions. Our guests and relatives also really appreciated your lovely nature and quiet presence.

We got back home from a fantastic Honeymoon yesterday morning and couldn’t wait to log in to your gallery website and see our pictures. Looking through the beautiful photographs felt like reliving our perfect day, they are wonderful! You captured everything we wanted and lots of lovely extra touches we never would have thought of! We’re really excited to share them with our friends and family.
Lemore wedding

Absolutely beautiful! Lemore Manor holds a very special place in my heart as I grew up very near here and used to play in the grounds as a small child. So it is always a complete joy to return, and I adore the stylish wedding venue that it has become! If you are getting married here and are looking for a wedding photographer, please do take a look at my website and get in touch! x

Guide to How I Will Photograph Your Wedding Day

Hello! Here’s a little guide to let you know in a bit more detail how I will photograph your wedding day. Hopefully this post will let you know what to expect if you choose me to be your wedding photographer, and will help you to see if my approach makes me a good fit for your wedding. It’s really important that you love my style so that you love your pictures!

Wedding Photographer

I’ve been photographing weddings for over ten years now – that’s over 350 weddings! My photography style is very natural – I prefer to capture images where people are enjoying themselves and events are unfolding without any direction or intervention from me. You can call this reportage, photojournalism, documentary, candid photography etc, but basically it just means that I like to capture things naturally as they really happen. Sometimes I may make a slight suggestion or direction if I can see that it would be helpful, but most of the time I aim to be invisible and unnoticed if at all possible! That way, the best photographs can happen, and you get a true collection of real memories from your wedding day.

I love my images to be light, bright, and happy (fun, laughter and hugs being a key component!).

I specialise in part day or half day wedding photography coverage - this is because when I married my husband I found it really difficult to find an amazing wedding photographer who was happy to do just a part day option (we only had a small ‘afternoon tea party’ wedding for a couple of hours!). So now I am really happy to offer lots of different options for part day and longer day coverage, whether you are having a small wedding or having a full wedding but only want a photographer there for part of the day - I love to capture a story with whatever amount of time you would like photography coverage for. I’m also very happy to offer help and advice with planning your wedding day timeline if you would like, and I have written another blog post on this topic.

However long you’d like me to be there, I love to shoot everything about your wedding day, from scene setting shots around your venue, to your guests having a great time, to all the little details you have thought about so carefully, to the two of you getting married of course, and everyone enjoying the celebrations. I love to capture the atmosphere and all the people around you in the setting of your venue, in a simple and non-intrusive way. I am a solo shooter so that I can blend into the background as much as possible (more photographers will become more noticeable to you and your guests). I run about all over the place though (in “stealth mode”, said bride Emma) so that I can make sure I capture everything that’s happening!

I’m not one for gimmicks or fads, I just like things to be real. I won’t be asking you to spend ages setting up with a fancy lighting system or a dramatic smoke and mirrors scene, I don’t use a drone and I don’t want to take you away from your guests for hours. I like to use natural light (or candle light, or sparkler light, or festoon lighting light!) (and occasionally the subtle use of flash where required) and I want to shoot what happened on your wedding day, without having a big impact on those events myself. The events of your wedding day are big enough and real enough! I want my images to help you re-live the best memories for the rest of your lives.

I do love taking you off for some photos together, but only for as long as you want to spend – it’s often a nice break for you two to chat together away from all your guests! For this part of the photography, I really love it when you two just ‘be’ together, however you want to be, so I can capture the real you. I don’t want fake smiles here, I want your real happy smiles at each other – your ‘we just got married!!!’ smiles – that’s what I want you to look back on in your wedding photos for the rest of your lives. You can hug or laugh or be silly or romantic, whatever you want, as long as it’s you. I will help you if you want me to, with ideas for how to stand or what to do with your hands! We’ll do one or two of the more traditional ‘standing and looking at the camera’ type wedding poses as the relatives will love these on the mantelpiece, but a lot of the time we’ll just keep it as natural as possible. If you feel like you’d benefit from a practice run of this before the wedding, we can do a pre-wedding engagement shoot if you wish. It really helps for the big day!

I’m definitely a very quiet and calm wedding photographer – I don’t shout or boss anyone around! For this reason, if you would like to have formal ‘group photographs’, I will ask you to enlist your ushers/bridesmaids or helpers to do all the fetching and organising of the people you require in your group photos. It’s their responsibility to make sure everyone is in place! I like to limit the group photos time to a maximum of 20 minutes if possible – this is about 7 group arrangements if everyone is ready for action. I have a short list of suggested groups that you can use if you like to make it really easy & efficient. Then you can all get on with the celebrating and I will get more of the natural candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves! Again, I just keep the group photos simple, no elaborate arrangements or hours spent setting up different poses, just a lovely backdrop and a bit of natural laughter. Similarly, because of the time it takes away from your celebrations, I don’t do a big group ‘everyone’ photo, as I would prefer to capture everyone naturally throughout the wedding day. I don’t go up to people and ask to take their picture, but I do love it if people ask me to take their picture, so if you want some informal group shots with your friends, just call me over during the reception when you’re all chatting together and I will take a picture for you! I’m there to take pictures for you and for everyone. If something fun is happening, I will be photographing it!

After the wedding I will edit all your individual images myself by hand, and I will make sure they are all looking beautiful. I don’t ‘photoshop’ your images, as I prefer things to be as natural as possible, but I do make sure all the colours and exposures are perfectly balanced, and that all your images are bright and clean with my signature style look.

A note on not liking having your photo taken: most of my couples say that they don’t like having their photo taken, and ask if this will be a problem – no it’s not a problem at all, please don’t be worried! The great thing about my photography style is that most of the time you won’t even realise I am there, so you don’t need to be worrying about the camera at all. Because I mostly capture everything naturally, I just want you (and everyone else) to enjoy themselves and have an amazing wedding day. Even when we do your couple photos together, there’s still no need to worry – I keep it very relaxed, friendly and informal so you don’t need to feel awkward in uncomfortable or cheesy wedding poses. I really want you to just enjoy the day and for the photos to be absolutely painless! Hopefully these words of feedback will reassure you –

Wow! We are absolutely blown away by the way you captured every emotion and all of the special moments throughout the day. It all went so quickly, but you have triggered so many memories and we feel like we have relived the day all over again! It was an absolute pleasure having you with us for our day and we are so grateful for the lifelong memories you have captured for us. You are so calming, gentle and your lovely nature made us both feel so relaxed. Your discreet and natural style is what encouraged us to book with you in the first place, and now seeing the end result we are absolutely delighted. Thank you again for everything.

So hopefully this post has given you a bit more insight into how I will photograph your wedding day! If you would like to see more of my recent images, you can take a look at my 2018 Wedding Highlights post. You can also see more pictures and information on my Wedding Portfolio page.

If you would like to find out more about having me as your wedding photographer, please do contact me for my brochure! I’d love to hear more about your exciting wedding plans. Best wishes x

Wedding Ceremony Photography

wedding ceremony photography


Trish & Adam were married at the beautiful, tiny, Hollybush Church in Worcestershire, with stunning views over the countryside to the Malvern Hills. I often drive past this church but had never been inside until now – what a treat – it is absolutely lovely. Trish and Adam and their family & friends had decorated the church with lots of pretty flowers in jars, rustic details and other personal touches so it felt really special to them.

They had me there just to photograph the Wedding Ceremony and a few photos afterwards, which it was a pleasure to do. I love to be able to offer Part Day Wedding Photography, as sometimes all you want is photos at the church, or a half day only (we just had a small wedding with afternoon tea when I got married!). Capturing your wedding story with just part day coverage is my specialty - if you would like to find out more about my part day wedding photography options, please ask for my brochure.

I know Trish because she is a manager at Birtsmorton Court wedding venue, so to do her wedding photographs was a huge honour. They had such a lovely sunny August day for it too! Thank you so much for having me there Trish & Adam – huge congratulations! x

Here’s what they said when they saw their photos: “Thank you so much, Gemma!  They are fabulous, and we are so pleased.  Thanks for everything- you have been a star!  With very best wishes, Trish and Adam x”

Here are a few favourites…

If you would like to find out more about my wedding photography options for part day / ceremony only wedding coverage, please do get in touch! I would love to hear your wedding plans x

Herefordshire Wedding Venues - My Top 10 Best

Herefordshire Wedding Venues


If you are looking around at Herefordshire wedding venues at the moment, then congratulations on getting engaged! Finding your perfect wedding venue is going to be a really exciting quest, and celebrating your wedding day there is going to be amazing. Hopefully this blog post might help you a little bit as you look around for the best Herefordshire wedding venues. There is such a great choice of wedding venues in Herefordshire – from castles to country houses to barns to vineyards – Herefordshire really does have something for everyone who is looking for a wedding venue here.

Because there are so many wedding venues in Herefordshire, I have had to narrow down my selection to just my top ten. This list is entirely based on where I love to photograph weddings, so I do recommend that you check out all the venues to make sure they suit your needs too. So, here is my best Herefordshire wedding venues selection for you…enjoy!

In no particular order…


Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court is a country house and barn wedding venue at Callow, near Herefordshire. Wedding ceremonies are possible inside and outside in a number of beautiful locations, including the church on the grounds. Mingle on the lawns for your wedding reception, or in the lounge. Your wedding breakfast can take place in the recently-restored luxury Wainhouse barn or in the conservatory at the house. Make a whole weekend of it and enjoy the luxury bedrooms. The rustic barns, gardens and the views across the Herefordshire countryside make this a really wonderful wedding venue.

You can see my recently updated review of their different options for your wedding here. This guide takes you through your whole wedding day at Dewsall with the aid of pictures to visualise how your own celebration would look.

Take a look at Katherine & Ian’s wedding at Dewsall Court for more inspiration, as well as Alison & Rich’s wedding, one was outside and one in the church.

Dewsall Court

Homme House

Homme House is a country house wedding venue at Much Marcle in Herefordshire. Wedding ceremonies are possible in the main house and also in the gardens by the summer house, or in the church at the edge of the estate. They have put a lot of work into creating beautiful grounds for your wedding photographs and for your guests to mingle in, including a rose garden, dovecot and wildflower meadow. Wedding breakfasts can be held in the dining room or in an adjoining marquee. With such a warm, welcoming and homely atmosphere, you really do feel like this house is your own home for your wedding weekend.

I wrote a full review of this venue on the blog here, guiding you through a whole wedding day with the help of photographs to imagine your own wedding.

Take a look at my Homme House wedding mashup for even more ideas.

Homme House
Homme House Wedding
Homme Wedding

Hellens Manor & Barns

Hellens Manor is an ancient manor house with two barns on the grounds, located practically next door to Homme House at Much Marcle. Wedding ceremonies can be held in the manor house or in the barn. The grounds and backdrops are lovely for photographs, with many different areas to explore. Your wedding breakfast is held in the main barn, with a smaller adjacent barn housing the bar. As the sun sets across the orchards, you can look back on a really memorable wedding day here.

I wrote a review of this venue on the blog here, with pictures to guide you through how a whole wedding day would look.

Hellens Wedding
Hellens Barn

How Caple Court

How Caple Court in Herefordshire is a rustic venue with an elegant concert barn and beautiful gardens set over terraces by the historic house. It is possible to get married outside on the terraces, by a gazebo. You can also get married in the barn or in the church on the grounds. The terraces are wonderful for reception drinks afterwards, and the wedding breakfast and dancing takes places in the concert barn. You’re bound to have a few extra wedding guests in the shape of the resident peacocks who roam about!

I wrote a review of this venue on the blog here, so that you can imagine how your own wedding day would look.

Take a look at Abbie & Darren’s wedding at How Caple Court for more ideas.

How Caple Court
How Caple Court

Lyde Court

Lyde Court is a rural barn wedding venue located just two miles outside Hereford. The old 17th Century stone barns are available for your wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening party, providing a really atmospheric setting. You can also get married outside if wished. The venue is surrounded by amazing views over the Herefordshire countryside. This venue has so much quirky character, it really is quite unique and weddings here are always fun!

I wrote a full review of this wedding venue on the blog here, taking you through each part of your  Lyde Court wedding day.

For more ideas, you can see Kerry & Matt’s wedding at Lyde Court here, and more recently Bea & Gareth’s wedding at Lyde Court here, featuring indoor and outdoor weddings.

Lyde Court Venue

Lemore Manor

Lemore Manor is a country house wedding venue near Eardisley in Herefordshire. They have recently undergone extensive refurbishments to make Lemore a luxury wedding experience – there is now a fabulous Coach House to get married in, a Hen House for getting ready, and a stunning Orangery for your wedding breakfast. I grew up around this area so it’s always a lovely one for me to return to!

You can take a look at Harriet & Adam’s Lemore Manor Wedding here on the blog.


Brobury House

Brobury House in Herefordshire is where I got married! This house has lovely gardens and overlooks the River Wye. You can get married in the conservatory, and mingle with your guests in the stunning grounds, which are perfect for photographs. Your wedding breakfast can be held in a marquee. They only do a very small number of weddings per year so it’s a pretty exclusive venue!

You can see Mel & Dan’s Brobury House wedding on the blog.

Brobury House
Brobury House wedding

Lyde Arundel

Lyde Arundel is a barn wedding venue just outside Hereford, with lovely gardens and a lake by the pretty house. Wedding ceremonies can be held in the barns or outside, and then you can mingle by the lake for your wedding reception. Your wedding breakfast takes place in either a small barn or a large barn, where there are also two bars. The Herefordshire countryside makes a beautiful backdrop for your photographs.

You can see Emma & Adam’s recent Lyde Arundel wedding here (they were married outside by the lake).


Whitney Court

Whitney Court is an impressive country house wedding venue at Whitney-on-Wye in Herefordshire, with amazing views over the Wye Valley from the gardens. Ceremonies are held in the oak-panelled hall, and wedding breakfasts take place in the pretty dining room with views over the grounds. There’s loads of space for guests to stay overnight too.


Broadfield Court

Broadfield Court is a rustic country estate at Bodenham, Herefordshire. It has recently come into new ownership, and there are lots of exciting changes happening, with weddings being started again in summer 2018. The grounds make a lovely setting for a wedding, and it’s sure to be stunning with all the new renovations inside.

Take a look at Sarah & Tom’s Broadfield Court wedding on the blog.



So that’s my run down of my best Herefordshire Wedding Venues that I love to shoot at! There are a lot more Wedding Venues in Herefordshire that I also love to go to but I had to narrow my list down to my top ten otherwise I could have rambled on for ages! I hope that this little collection has helped to expand your search for your Herefordshire Wedding Venues and maybe given you some new ideas. It’s so exciting that one day in the not too distant future you will find your favourite venue and then you can look forward to planning your wedding day there! I regularly shoot at all these lovely places, so if there is anything else I can help with in your wedding planning, please do contact me and I would be very happy to help.


Gemma Williams is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Hereford, Herefordshire UK. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Herefordshire wedding venues, please do take a look at my website! I really enjoy photographing weddings, it is my absolute passion in life. As you can see, I do tend to love rustic, countryside settings, so barn wedding venues and country houses really do suit me down to the ground. I love to shoot in a natural, relaxed way, capturing everything that happens in a quiet and unobtrusive fashion, creating beautiful, real images of your amazing wedding day. For more information, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you! x

Worcestershire Wedding Venues - My Top 5 Best



If you are looking around at Worcestershire wedding venues at the moment, then a huge congratulations on your engagement! There are exciting times ahead. It might seem like a bit of a daunting task, to choose your wedding venue. But believe me, the right one for you is out there! I have written this blog post of my best Worcestershire wedding venues, so that you can maybe find a few more places to look at that you haven’t already come across. I’m a local photographer and these are my top five favourite Worcestershire wedding venues that I love to shoot at – there are lots of others I like but these are the ones I shoot at the most so I have tons of experience I can share with you.

So, in no particular order, here are my top five best Worcestershire Wedding Venues..!


Birtsmorton Court

Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire near Malvern is a moated medieval manor house dating back to the 15th Century. You can get married here in the church, or in the Great Hall, or outside in the White Garden, which is absolutely beautiful. Mingle with your guests amongst the flowers, enjoying views across the moat and to the Malvern Hills in the distance. Your wedding breakfast is held in a lovely marquee which you can decorate however you like. Your evening dancing and partying takes place in the adjoining Garden Room with it’s ceiling covered in fairylights. You can even end the night with a spectacular fireworks display. An amazing wedding venue with a hard working team who are very flexible to accommodate your every wish!

You can see my recently updated guide to your Birtsmorton Court wedding day here on the blog, taking you through how your wedding here could look, with lots of photographs to give you ideas and inspiration.

You may also like to take a look at James & Sophie (the weddings manager’s) own wedding at Birtsmorton Court here, or at Laura & Roland’s wedding here.


Brockencote Hall

Brockencote Hall is located at Chaddesley Corbett in Worcestershire and is an elegant country house hotel wedding venue. With it’s grand French inspired architecture, sumptuous decor, and it’s picturesque features such as the lake and dovecot, it really is a stunning place to get married. Your ceremony, wedding breakfast and party can all take place in the hotel, with lovely grounds to spill out into for your reception.

You can see Gemma & David’s wedding day at Brockencote Hall on the blog, to image how your day here might look.


Deer Park

Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire is a Costwolds country house wedding venue in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with views over the Worcestershire countryside to the Malvern Hills. With a contemporary barn atmosphere, this venue offers a great space in which to celebrate your wedding. They also have real live deer wandering about, and an amazing sunset view!

You can see Emma & Rob’s wedding day at Deer Park Hall here on the blog to get more ideas.


Whitbourne Hall

Whitbourne Hall in Worcestershire is an impressive country house wedding venue, with a really unique feel. Combining classical elegance with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Whitbourne Hall gives you a stunning location in which to celebrate your bespoke wedding day. They only do a few weddings here per year, so it really is an exclusive venue.

You can see Felicity & Rob’s wedding here to get a feel for how unique yours could be too!


Curradine Barns

Curradine Barns at Shrawley in Worcestershire is a barn wedding venue in the countryside, with a number of areas to make your day perfect. You can get ready in the bridal suite, and then go to your wedding ceremony in the Granary Barn, which has a magical atmosphere with high beamed ceilings and rustic brick walls. You can also get married outside in the garden gazebo, or you can get married in neighbouring Shrawley Church, which is just a short stroll down the lane. Mingle with your guests at your reception inside in the Lounge or outside in the Courtyard. Then enjoy a delicious wedding breakfast by Galloping Gourmet in the Barley Barn, before dancing the night away.

You can see Emma & Ben’s wedding at Curradine Barns here on the blog.


Thank you for taking a look at my top 5 best Worcestershire wedding venues! You can check out my top 10 best Herefordshire Wedding Venues here too if you like! If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.

Gemma Williams is an award-winning wedding photographer covering Worcestershire, UK. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Worcestershire wedding venue, then please do take a look at my website and get in touch! I love to shoot in a relaxed and natural style, creating beautiful images of your real wedding day. I love photographing weddings in barn wedding venues and country house wedding venues, especially in the Worcestershire and Herefordshire countryside. Best wishes with your wedding planning! x

Gloucestershire Wedding Venues - My Top 5 Best

Gloucestershire wedding


If you are looking around at Gloucestershire wedding venues at the moment, then big congratulations on your engagement! It is going to be really exciting to find your perfect wedding venue, and then in the not too distant future, to actually be getting married there! I am a local wedding photographer and I’ve written this blog post to help you find the best Gloucestershire wedding venue for your wedding day. These are the venues I have worked at that I love the most, so hopefully there will be some new ideas in here for you. If I can be of any further help, please let me know!

In no particular order, here are my favourite Gloucestershire Wedding Venues:


Elmore Court

Elmore Court in Gloucestershire is a magical country house wedding venue with an historic Hall and a contemporary new sustainably-built entertaining space called The Gillyflower. Being both elegant and quirky, it is an absolutely breathtaking place for a wedding.

You can see Clare & Tom’s wedding at Elmore Court here.


Kingscote Barn

Kingscote Barn in the Costwolds is a barn wedding venue with lots of charm. The 17th Century stone barn has been beautifully restored to make a fabulous location for your celebrations.

You can see Zoe & Will’s wedding at Kingscote Barn here on the blog.


Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn in Gloucestershire is another amazing barn wedding venue in the Cotswolds. With it’s flagstone floors, feature fireplace and old stone walls it makes a rustic backdrop for your wedding day.


Clearwell Castle

Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire is a fairytale castle wedding venue. You can get married in the castle itself, or in the church nearby. After dining in elegant surroundings in the Ballroom, you can dance the night away in the vaulted cellar.


Eastington Park

Eastington Park in Gloucestershire is a stunning country house wedding venue. Ceremonies are possible in the house, or outside in the gardens under the pretty pergola.


So there we have it! Thank you for taking a look at my best Gloucestershire Wedding Venues. If you are searching for a wedding photographer too, please do take a look at my website and get in touch! I am an award-winning wedding photographer based in Herefordshire but covering Gloucestershire and beyond. I love to shoot with a natural and relaxed style, capturing everything as it happens in a beautiful and creative way. If I can be of any further help with anything, please do drop me a line! Good luck with your wedding planning x

Shropshire Wedding Venues - My Top 5 Best

Shropshire Wedding Venues

If you are looking around for a wedding venue in Shropshire at the moment, then big congratulations on your engagement! It will be really exciting to look around for your dream wedding venue and then to actually celebrate your wedding there! I have a few favourite wedding venues in Shropshire so I wanted to make this blog post to give you a helping hand with a few venue ideas you might not have thought about yet. I’m based nearby in Herefordshire but I’m very happy to travel for your wedding day - especially to these, my favourite wedding venues! So in no particular order, here’s my top 5 best Shropshire wedding venues…


Iscoyd Park

Iscoyd Park is a country house wedding venue, whose family has been there since 1843! You really do feel like the beautiful Georgian house and grounds is all yours for your wedding, due to the wonderful warm welcome you receive there and the homely feel that they have achieved with their beautiful decor. Iscoyd Park is a photographer’s dream, with everything looking absolutely perfect and making a stunning backdrop for all your wedding photographs. The friendly and experienced team of experts at Iscoyd do everything for you to make your wedding run smoothly, and they have a creative, flexible approach meaning that you can design your wedding day to be exactly as you dreamed. You can get married at the house or at the nearby picture-perfect St Mary’s Church, and enjoy a wonderful reception in the gardens before celebrating later on in the stunning purpose-built marquee garden room. This really is a very special venue and I’m sure you will fall in love with it as I have done!

Here are some Iscoyd Park weddings on the blog:

Clare & Jack’s Iscoyd Park wedding - ceremony in the church

Nat & Ben’s Iscoyd Park wedding - ceremony in the house


Walcot Hall

Walcot Hall in Shropshire is another total favourite of mine! The rustic Georgian country house set in rambling, romantic grounds is so unusually quirky and full of character, I just love it. It’s absolutely magical. From the turquoise ballroom, to the gypsy caravan and Victorian chapel in the grounds, it is such a treasure-trove of photo opportunities. The team are very flexible to accommodate all your ideas - you can get married in the nearby church, or in the house, or in the courtyard, or even in the beautiful arboretum - there are many exciting options for you to make your day unique. It has the most amazing atmosphere which will make your celebrations completely wonderful.

I wrote a guide to celebrating your wedding at Walcot Hall, which you can read here on the blog.

You can also see Tori & Will’s wedding day on the blog here.


Davenport House

Davenport House has only recently opened as a wedding venue, and I was very honoured to photograph their first wedding there! It’s a beautiful Georgian country house wedding venue, which has been lovingly restored and beautifully redecorated. I definitely recommend you adding this one to your ‘must view’ list!

Davenport House

Blists Hill Victorian Town

Yes you can actually get married in a Victorian town! Blists Hill Victorian Town near Ironbridge is a completely unique wedding venue. Here’s what they say on their website:

“Step back in time for the wedding of the (last) century at Blists Hill Victorian Town! Celebrate your special day with family and friends at one of the most unusual wedding venues - a real-life Victorian Town with quirky buildings, quaint streets and countless photo opportunities.

A wedding here will be a truly magical and memorable experience that you and your guests will remember forever.”

I loved shooting Sarah & Andy’s wedding here, it was so much fun to do their photographs around the Victorian streets and shops! They even had a real Victorian fairground which delighted their guests. Definitely a venue to take a look at if you’re looking for something different.


The Mill Barns

The Mill Barns wedding venue in Shropshire is newly-built just for weddings and is a really impressive new barn complex! I was very lucky to be able to shoot one of their first weddings here and I would love to go back for more. This jaw-dropping new venue has been purpose-built with luxury in mind. With a striking waterfront balcony, massive vaulted ceilings, modern lighting and facilities, and set in picturesque grounds, it gives you everything you could possibly want in a wedding venue, and more. Set on the former site of a 17th Century water mill, it is now an architecturally stunning celebration barn! When I first saw it, I said ‘wow’ quite a lot - I’m sure you will too!

mill barns

So there we have my little run-down of my top Shropshire wedding venues. This is just written based on where I have enjoyed shooting the most, and I’m sure there are lots of other venues for you to explore too! Wherever you decide to hold your wedding celebration, I would love to be there to photograph it for you, so please do take a look at the rest of my website and get in touch if you would like to find out more about the wedding photography services I offer! Best wishes with your wedding planning x




If you are looking for Herefordshire wedding venues at the moment – congratulations! There loads of lovely wedding venues to choose from in rural Herefordshire, and as a local wedding photographer I’m really lucky to know most of them very well. So I’m writing this little guide with pictures in the hope that it might help you learn more about Hellens Manor as a possible option as you look around for your Herefordshire wedding venue. I really love Hellens – if you are getting married here and are looking for a wedding photographer, please do get in touch as I’d be delighted to photograph your wedding day!


Hellens Manor and Barns is an historic manor house in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, with two barns in the grounds that are perfect for weddings. The Great Barn and the Manor House itself are both licensed for Civil Ceremonies, and the barns are a fabulous setting for your wedding reception and evening entertainment. It’s a totally unique and exclusive wedding venue, with only a small number of wedding bookings taken there per year. The gardens and grounds are wonderful – with orchards, a dovecot, a labyrinth, many contemporary sculptures, and a couple of donkeys to mention but a few features! All in all, this is a stunning setting for your wedding and there are many places for great photographs. If you would like to find out more about holding your wedding at Hellens Manor & Barns, drop them an email:

Here are some photographs which show how your wedding day at Hellens Manor & Barns could look:


Wedding Ceremony in The Manor House:

The Manor House is a fabulously historic building dating back to 1096, with a fascinating history and so many interesting features.  You can get married in the Music Room here, which is an oak panelled room with a feature fireplace, a piano and many old books.


Wedding Ceremony in The Great Barn:

The Great Barn at Hellens provides a more rustic setting for your wedding ceremony. With it’s beams and vaulted ceiling it is a great space for you to add your own decorations to make your wedding look how you want.


It is also possible for you to get married at a church/location elsewhere and then arrive at Hellens for your reception afterwards.


After your wedding ceremony, guests are invited to mingle with drinks at The Manor House while The Great Barn is made ready for your wedding breakfast. On pleasant days, it is lovely to wander in the gardens at Hellens, chatting with your friends and family. There are plenty of beautiful trees, plants and sculptures to discover. On rainy days, you can mingle inside instead, in the Hall and Music Room. These make very welcoming surroundings with the fireplace and lots of comfortable sofas. You can also wander round to the Haywain Barn and explore the orchards, play garden games and meet the donkeys. Make the most of this time in these amazing surroundings with all your loved ones!



Hellens provides so many different photo spots if you would like some pictures together! It really is a photographer’s dream and I absolutely love shooting here – the rustic barn and brick backdrops, the wooden doors, archways, and old windows, the flowers and greenery, and the meadows and gates are all so perfect – this type of place suits my photography style down to the ground! I love to keep your couple photographs as natural as possible so that they reflect the real you – I like to work with you as a couple and capture the feeling of your wedding day, whether you are a romantic couple or a quirky couple or everything in between!