Bohemian-Inspired Photoshoot at Broadfield Court | Herefordshire Wedding Photographer

I think I was as nervous and excited in the build up to this shoot as I had been for my own wedding! This shoot was an idea I had before Christmas, which then became a reality when a new boho-inspired bridal dress designer contacted me and asked to collaborate on a shoot. I voiced the idea to my “Rock My Frock” partner Jen of Jennifer’s Dressing Table (vintage-inspired hair & makeup guru), and the exciting shoot planning commenced! Broadfield Court, with the addition of the Faraway Hideaway glamping tents, was the perfect location for the shoot, with it’s beautiful grounds and so many different places for photographs. I wanted a wild and natural look to the shoot, so talented florist Chloe of Bareblooms was a vital addition to the team. Her flowers, bouquets and floral crowns made everything look amazing, and pulled the whole theme beautifully together. What better for a natural, boho-inspired shoot than a flower-covered naked cake! I had seen this amazing cake made by Kathleen of Little Black Cat Cakes at a wedding fair, and I just knew it was the one! It looked fabulous on the day, and it tasted even better. For our stationery it was none other than Adam Fisher – I love his quirky style of art. And the car was Karma Kars Cotswold – I think this is the coolest wedding car around, and with its flower-covered bumpers and sequinned interior, it was the ideal car for a boho-themed shoot. Our super lovely models were two of my previous real brides, Lizzie and Gemma, and also Ellis who does a lot of work in the wedding world herself. I always love working with ‘real’ models as it shows that everyone can look fabulous in photos – you don’t have to be a professional! 🙂

As the shoot day approached, it seemed that things were not quite going smoothly, when the weather was terrible all week, and then, the day before the shoot, I had no dresses as the dress designer emailed to tell me they had forgotten to post them (cut to me going on a high street shopping spree!). But on the day, the sun arrived, the sky was blue, and the dress collection I’d pulled together at the last minute worked. The whole team were fantastic and it was the best day ever! Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially to the stunning venue Broadfield Court who were so accommodating, and to Jen for seeing the vision with me.

So here are the shoot photos… to set the story, our girls have arrived for their ‘hen do’ before one of them gets hitched. There is cake, wine (made at Broadfield Court of course!), a lot of flowers, and a lot of fun. I hope you will like the pictures! Oh and if your wedding day is going to look anything like this then I would really love to photograph it! x

Gemma Williams is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Herefordshire. I love doing photoshoots – if you would like to do a shoot with me please do get in touch!